About the Farrier

    Chad was born and raised in Bay City, Michigan and moved to Cambridge, Vermont in 2002 to enjoy life in the mountains.  Shortly after moving to Vermont, he discovered his affinity for horses and made the decision to become a farrier. 
    Initially, local farrier Scott Dean agreed to let Chad ride with him occasionally to get a taste of what being a full-time farrier was like.  In the past, Scott had taken other aspiring farriers out with him and most decided shortly after that the profession was not for them.  But, Chad came to the opposite conclusion and Scott agreed to acting as a mentor for Chad.  
    In addition to being mentored by Scott, Chad also wanted to receive a more formal education.  He sought out the highest quality and most comprehensive farrier training program in the country, Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, NY, which is the only veterinary college in North America with a farrier program.  Chad applied and was accepted to this elite school, where only 9 farrier students were accepted per year.  (Note: recent upgrades to the facility have made it possible to now train 12 students per year.)  At Cornell, Chad worked alongside veterinarians and veterinary students to provide specialized care to horses with a wide variety of lameness and gait issues, utilizing both traditional and modern techniques (glue-on shoes...., natural balance ).  All of Chad's training at Cornell was under the experienced eye of the instructor, world-famous farrier Mike Wildenstein.  Mike Wildenstein carries the distinction of being the first American ever to receive Fellowship recognition with honors from the Worshipful Company of Farriers, a European-based organization that was founded in 1356 that bears the responsibility of "securing adequate standards of competence and conduct among persons engaged in the shoeing of horses".  Additionally, Mike is one of only 40 farriers living who have achieved this level of mastery.   
    Upon Chad's return to Vermont, he resumed a partnership with Scott (Advanced Hoofcare) and began his own business, Next Generation Hoofcare, to bring all of the knowledge and skills he acquired to the equine population of northern Vermont.