Does hot fitting the shoe hurt my horse?  There is so much smoke and sizzling noise!
          Not at all!  For a horse who has not been hot fit before, sometimes the smoke and noise startles him.  The part of the hoof that is hot fit has a low moisture content, thereby does not conduct hot or cold well.  That is why horses can stand in a snowy pasture in the winter and not need insulated boots!
 Will the epoxy used in glue on shoes damage the hoof wall?
        No.  The epoxy used is specially designed to bond safely to living tissue.  In fact, it adds a great amount of integrity to brittle or thin hoof wall, giving the hoof a chance to grow without chipping or cracking.  After removing a shoe and rasping away the residual epoxy, the hoof wall looks very healthy!
What if my horse is not good for the Farrier?
        I am very experienced in working with horses who have injuries or pathologies which make it difficult to stand for too long.  I will never lose my temper and hit your horse.  However, I cannot safely work on an animal that has not been properly trained to stand still.  In such cases it may be necessary to have a veterinarian present to administer a tranquilizer to ensure your horse's safety and my own.  If you know your horse will be difficult, it helps to exercise him before our appointment so he will be tired.  If he (or she!) is being extremely bad, I may elect to cease work before anyone gets hurt. 
Why is it so important to stay on a schedule?
        A horses' hoof is continually growing, and as a good rule needs attention every 6-8 weeks.  Some need to be seen sooner and some can go longer, we will work together to figure out what is best for your animal.  If left too long without proper care the foot will grow too long and begin to chip off (if not shod) or the shoes can easily be pulled off by the horse itself, usually causing damage to the hoof.  Proper balance is necessary for a sound horse, and if left out of balance too long, it can affect the horses gait and put undue strain on the tendons and joints of the leg.
     In order to ensure your horse receives proper hoofcare, it is important to reschedule as soon as possible.  Due to a busy workload, last minute requests for an appointment may be delayed several weeks.  Rescheduling before I depart will ensure your space in my calendar and a happy, comfortable horse! 
My vet would like to meet with you and myself to discuss the best treatment options.  Is this something you are comfortable with?
        Absolutely!  I personally feel there is nothing better than having the vet, farrier and owner working together as a team to ensure we are all on the same page.  I have worked alongside some of the finest veterinarians and surgeons in the world at Cornell, and enjoy the opportunity to meet with your vet.  Your horses best interests are mine as well!
Can you fix my horse???
        Probably the most frequently asked question.  If  it is something that can be remedied by shoeing or trimming then the answer is yes.  I do have a lot of different shoes and tools at my disposal.  Since every horse is different, it may take a bit of trial and error to find what makes yours most comfortable.  But the unfortunate truth is that some animals have developed certain conformational defects or pathologies (diseases) that no one can reverse.  In theses circumstances I can only work with your horse to try to make him as sound as possible.  I will never tell you I can change something I cannot.