Glue-on shoes

    Having used these shoes extensively at Cornell, I have come to highly reccomend them for any number of reasons.  They are an excellent choice for horses who have a thin or brittle hoof wall, where nailing would do more damage.  Many horses who have suffered from laminitis or navicular syndrome cannot tolerate the concussion from driving nails.  The "glue" is actually a two part epoxy that has been specially designed to safely bond with the hoof wall to create a much stronger attatchment than that of nails alone.  The Sigafoos Series shoe I use is made of aluminum, lighter in weight than steel, and has a polyurethane rim pad which reduces concussion when the horse moves.  They are more expensive than traditional shoeing, but offer another option for the horse who cannot normally be shod.  Click here to learn more about the Sigafoos Series glue-on shoes that I use.