Therapeutic Applications

    At various times in a horse's life, specialized hoofcare is likely to be a necessity.  Next Generation Hoofcare is experienced in providing highly specialized care for lameness and gait issues.   My training at Cornell University focused heavily on theraputic shoeing and trimming, as a great number of horses there were either patients of the large animal hospital or referrals from other vets.  With every job I take into consideration the horses conformation, any injuries (old or new), any pathologies (diseases) that require a certain shoe and what exactly the horse is expected to do.  There are numerous modifications I can make to the shoe at the anvil to ensure it is not only a proper fit, but a custom design for your horses needs.  Here are several of the most common diseases of the hoof:  
  • Laminitis (founder) is a big problem with many horses.  While the causes are numerous, I have had extensive training and experience treating horses afflicted by this disease, and look foreward to working with you and your vet to get your favorite four legged friend back to normal!
  • Navicular syndrome is another disease which affects many horses, especially those who have done a lot of hard work in their life.  While not usually completely curable, I will do my best to make your horse as comfortable as possible.
  • Ringbone and Sidebone (arthritis).  Unfortunately we cannot undue this bony change in the foot, but I can modify a shoe or use a special one to make it as easy as possible for your horse to move about freely.
  • Fungal infections.  Here in Vermont the climate is perfect for a fungus or bacteria to take hold in your horses hoof.  These types of infections can be very difficult to remedy and may take many weeks and much diligence.  Also knowns as white line disease, it can invade the hoof wall or sole and eat away at the integrity of the hoof.  With your help, I can give treatment and advice on how to kill these little buggers and return your horses feet back to normal!